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mide treatment are still interrupted. The patient con-

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cultures of amoebae evidences of both symbiosis and antagonism on the

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good, except in those cases in which streptococci were

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systolic retraction may be detected in the lower left ribs and interspaces

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and second, on its geological character. This is essentially

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growths are so apt to waken into activity in various organs, that

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carbonate of lime unite, coalesce, or become aggre-

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1868 Sandeeson, Hugh James, M.D., 26, Upper Berkeley

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similar in character, as will be seen, to the famous Berlin and Ebers

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perjuries of the witnesses for the prosecution, Holland's

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with such' care the special use of so-called antiseptics may be

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respiration more oppressed, and the fever assumes a decidedly

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have drawn great attention to water supplies and to the care needed

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seen the symptoms were not those of gastric ulcer and therefore no opera-

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was annouuced in this country last year by Dr. Dawson Turner.

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eye now shows distinct signs of sympathetic irritation, threatening to

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department of Pacific and Eighth Army Corps, for assignment

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again out of the county's depleted treasury the part of the budget

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there were 51,287 cases of quotidian type, with 646 deaths; 2097 of

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Two days before operating he injected 20, and 10 of the

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TABLE No. 5. — Relative Humidity — Mean Monthly Feb Cent.

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region. It was perfectly flat and dull on percussion.

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within the cell, usually in motion and showing a dii?tinct

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