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(aouteness of vision ^j) in consequence of a rii^t diverging
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ratione ac vomitione, ex ore effluxus aut emiifio. Sau-
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Professor of Abdominsl and Pelvic Surgery in the Hippocratean College of Medicine
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Of the fumosity and humours which are resolvied and g*
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mouth, without its being permanently open ; misconducts himself, and partially re-
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nosis in foiu- cases. In the discussion, Dr. Leale mentioned an instance
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does to-day. Nichols, speaking of Greece at this period, remarks: "In
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nal wall shrank to its normal dimensions, and the child made a speedy
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tions were sent to society members. The 608 replies
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be adopted where shock appears to have been operative. Where reflex
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frequently failed. The best results have been obtained from the use of
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lung was ulcerated in several places and communica-
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tion or excretion comes from the breaking up and reformation of
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fresh on the day used; it must not be made in quantity
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first one shoulder and then the other shoulder points to the
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ever long the person may require to pronounce it. Now a stuttererj who, to
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vessels. This infiltration of the tissues with leucocytes and nuclei may
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stain, it is hardly more objectionable than iodine and will not pro-
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lumbar vertebral canal in lumbar canal stenosis. Spine 1981; 6:381-387
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not completed two years of postgraduate training prior to passing the Indiana
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Microscnjncal examination of this tumor of the blad-
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marsh fever — demand a special treatment, in this sense, that the
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Eemostasis must be assured. It may be necessary to tie two or
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which may be anything, is often given ; unless the com-
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room. If he be contradicted in any of his phantasies, he adheres to
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vaccinated than ordinary humanized virus of long descent, and that it is there-
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the road type; that is, it does not treat the subject
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as Sir Thomas Watson terms it, will be audible. The bellows-
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the assumption being that compounds of the above acids
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194. The Becker-Ulhnan Cooking or Destroying Apparatus
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living population in America, so far as it can be deduced from the
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appointed as the representative of the Association to
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long sleep, which physicians called hysterical coma, she was fed
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being made through the upper left flank at the spot
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trace of the carbolized gut. This is sliown in Fig. 2.
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to remove all of the diseased tissues, and so to get a heal-


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