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permitted him to read, as he expressed it, "with greater

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sections from the lung of a patient who had for a long

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to its former condition, thus allowing subsequent hemorrhage. He con-

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j:esoujrcesJoi^oc(ny2iitioil_and int_erest. There must be inducements

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Von Wahl seems to have first called attention to the fact that

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ing Surgeons to the N. Y. State "Woman's Hospital ; formerly

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blue and finally fell off. The patient "a few months later

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cannot be overestimated. They determine policy, raise


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must be remembered that all pieces of pulpified tissues, lacerated

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1905 b. — Spirochceta pallida e infezione sifilitica. Nota seconda <Ibidem (34),

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prominent ecchymotic patches, which are usually situated on the free

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from protracted exposure of living beings in too small or too crowded houses,

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was taken out at the end of four minutes; the trachea was opened,

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full of blood, and really contain less because of the increased pressure

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anterior end of the secondary coil was just level with the posterior end of the primary.

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The cases in which traumatic aneurism of the internal carotid is

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forced attempt to define more directly the amenities

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Alfred Stengel ^ presented records of six cases, illustrating

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in the removal of such a weapon is to ascertain its seat, its connections, its

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who died of tuberculosis and meningitis, and he ascribes the deposi-

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a few days. These reflexes may remain increased even after consider-

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preventive as distinguished from curative medicine. A

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in opposition to the liberty of the people, that a man may carry water,

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This is a clinical and experimental study of a subject of which very little is

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soft cover book includes a historical perspective of 100 years of

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The duties of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer

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*Read before the Twentieth Semi-Annual Meeting of the Southern California Medical Society, held

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Resulting from a lowered head rate-blood pressure product . 5

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where we have reason to believe that hydremic plethora as well as

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Case 4. — Patient. — H. B. R., colored man aged 20. Medical No. 23490.

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ment, that the doctor may have an opportunity to study his particular

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this feature is unavoidable. The author frequently speaks of the

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commencement of the treatment the patient has lost the


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