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popidation between 1S70 and 1880 indicates that in fifty,

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toms iippoarod and donth Hii|)i>rvotUH], hh dotiioiiHtrated diiriti^

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some depressing cause, or to goad on a flagging system ; the latter,

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Couple, instead of two. Two things may be coupled, i. e.,

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said that the treatment is used in those cases in which the usual hygienic

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by one dose of forty-five grains, which sufficed to induce calm sleep

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constantly applied to the foot and lower half of the leg.

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from the necessity of offering medical expert testi-

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And this is a reasonable task. For the drama of the external

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ral or localized septic symptoms have originated from a

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patients, are cheating those confiding in them, not

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and hard, pitting with some difficulty ; and the surface tense, glossy

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peculiar to them ; they have, nevertheless, a family likeness which sometimes

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performance which is to take place. In the background are doors and

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carefully read many of the later pages of the volume. In

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effects are obtained from it that we should call a proving. One

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and no caries of the temporal bone can be found, it is almost equally

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marked in the peripheral nerves of the arm, especially the posterior interosseous

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brown, warty ; internally tawny-yellow ; pliable, tough ;

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made no mention. It can scarcely be doubted that there is some

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is a primary disorder of the liver ; the fatty changes in the liver and

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of tuberculous salpingitis; peri- and endosalpingitis,

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frequently be found that large portions of this mass, although tolerably

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pelvis. Hence the occipito-frontal diameter corresponded to the oblique

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Youngdahl, Dr. F. J. Braceland, head of psychiatry at

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and nature sternly exacts her penalties for violated law,

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to be properly ventilated, but not one-third of that number

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nobleness of character so commonly seen in the former leaders of

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distribution of the peripheral nerves, for these nerves

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interference. For instance.. 2 of these were due to

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lence of the epidemic in that city. Their confidence in them as

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Saxon, as from the negro. Possessing, as a race, five cubic inches less

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seventh decade. Sixty-one were males and thirty two

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the follicles after squeezing. Excision of the follicles,

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Meran, and a preliminary account of them led Dr. Max

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fatigue endured by the troops, and the defective and improper kind of food so long sap-

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after each meal. The average temperature of the atmosphere was 74.09°.


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