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(Zeitschrf. Geo. und Gryn.,B&. ix., Hft. 2, Sept. 1883).
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tion and direction of a competent teacher? We give an
any adequate protection, and that unwelcome guest, typhoid
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subsequent dressings can be entirely prevented, and
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medical investigation, and recognizes fully the right
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chlorids are formed which are absorbed. When it reaches the
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Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene, Yale Univer-
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cle. Fasting does not influence the course of fatigue
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peristalsis (fig. 5). At the end of six hours half the bismuth was still
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Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene, Yale Univer-
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is referred to our larger work. Calcified, knotted tendons
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However, for a time considerable doubt existed as to the presence
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periods of pregnancy, would show that this statement
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because in the two patients so affected it involved the hair-follicles
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elongated baciilary forms may occur. In young, actively growing
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lamities. The trained niu-ses and attendants subject
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presence of foreign bodies tending towards elimination: in some
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Cottam left Minneapolis in 1940 to practice in Sioux
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by Senator, and by Fiirbinger, though in the latter
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affected with this disease die soon after birth or are stillborn. In
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self. The wound of entrance was evidenced by a small circular
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chenfeld's" patient showed great weakness of the lower extremities
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tial paralysis; there will be an uncertain gait, crossing the hind
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and tiiat lliti lit-ld for wliito in ono eyo is perfcot,
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tumour of the left cerebellar hemispliere with left hemiparesis and
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steadily stronger and leading to practical measures for


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