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functions or rather a great increase in the amount of pain

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from bovine sources is quite large. Whether large or small it

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as to tend to destroy the present unity of system. I would

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recovered satisfactorily. Cases in which stenosis occurs are usually

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disorders of sensation they are usually the result of

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bone there is an extreme thinning of the microscopic bony

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a harder blow in the unprotected joint than it would

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electric sliock of the artificial variety. Amongst these causes

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inches the mean depth for that period being forty three and a half

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effort is made to understand the mental needs of the child.

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of the hypophysis are considered I think that there is scarcely any

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the amount of ash then a platinum dish must be used.

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ble period and that such examinations usually revealed the

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United States the towns most frequently infected being seaports in

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declension and disease of the cell elements of the co ordi

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from any disagreeable taste and has not the irritating properties

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of infectious diseases. Such investigations as those undertaken by Mac

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with the beginning or end of any mechanical event in the auricle or

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patient the performance of the preliminary operation

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admirable manner in which he had systematized these valuable

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little exercise or excitement of any kind would in

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retained in position by a cotton tampon. It is retained

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So far his results agree with those of previous ob

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by the operation the plea is a strong one to consider favor

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graduate Medical School Clinic Decembers with the his

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spores which develop into the adult organism and reproduce by

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consequence of adhesion stretched over it and pressing

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perspiration moist and putrid vapours the putrid steams of

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The early part of this work is devoted to the description of

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from its vascular connections bistoumage and observed that when he had

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have no accurate scientific conception as to which is at fault

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diffuse cellulitis of left thigh. The patient aged married was

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the Church End district ofi Hendon is drained by an

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