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system and this economy is carried out by adequate circula
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sale instead of as it were by retail. Having a population of patients
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that the abscess formed externally to the chest and
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pronounced it the hysterics others attempted to effect a cure
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Dr. Dickson is the oldest practitioner of this town
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Hitzig expresses the opinion also that the atrophy of most
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cell groups have undergone complete fatty degeneration.
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In treatment we include prevention and here the causation is
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in a few months the patient was restored to his usual health.
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animal needs nothing but good food pure air plenty of exercise
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place in the rhythmical movements of that organ from some
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Printed by THE A C TAYLOR PRINTING CO Phoenix Arizona
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diagnosis of laceration of the extensor tendons was
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According to Dr. Bourgeois of Etampes t who for twenty five years has
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process constituting simple active inflammation in its first stage
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soon determined to be the case. The passage was found to
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All communications relating to the editorial depart
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swollen frequent straining with foetid discharge the hand
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and declare that its object is the protection of the svstem againat injikilr
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I wish to thank you for having elected me to the honor
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is morbid and inapprehensible for the critic i e. no judg
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A SOCIETY has recently been formed at Gembloux in Belgium of rat
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the cholesterol of the body is derived. According to Eraser and
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made by Howes will show that the proofs he advances in
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cessful. The latter is also true in school girls and boys
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Gendrin becomes red when acutely inflamed but yellow if the in


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