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to contribute to his own support by giving lessons in
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various microorganisms and is not therefore a specific one. In croupous
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which used to be bestowed on both eyes now determined
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Fly Poison. A common poison for flies consists of white arsenic
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The museum contains specimens and articles exclusive oi
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and contract and prove a serious hindrance to conception so much
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some whether influenza is ever an apyrexial disease. There can be no
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oppressive weather financial losses and the like. There is no doubt that
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The Late Dr. Ricord like many other eminent physicians was
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the characteristic eggs of the parasite in question in
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caution must be exercised in at once expressing the opinion that a person
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cavity. If only a slight amormt is present and localized
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soldiers curve accordingly represents slightly larger hearts than that
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Yearbook articles orders and amendments and miscellaneous
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can be distinctly felt. When perihepatitis is present the surface may be
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tuberculosis being the cause of clinical pictures of doubtful etiology and
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can be resected but or inches can be removed from the
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any public service. These are merely hints. I leave it to you to
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for the patient to use an injection night and morning of subacetate
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lower portion. Fitz and Hawkins have made independent investi
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grammes. The consumption of the bromides also has increased
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slight rise of temperature hot dry flushed skin and absence of local
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liver. Secondly there is an increased disintegration of albu
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The results of the trials known to me of the cotyledon umbilicuB
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tent and that nearly all can be restored to a condition
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several days old seem also to have acquired a sort of immunity to
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paresthesias may result from hypokalemia. Hypokalemia
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In the latter part of the i th century Conradi and Gren
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sole of the foot the origin of which could not be satisfactorily
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when the cavity is laid open. So that however surely we may
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obtained credit for a prescribed minimum of work in the
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act as a final stimulus to the development of the disease the
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the various wounds produced by missiles striking the skin at a right
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duce inflammation. Solutions of mercury copper or lead
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suture. A forceps left in place forty eight hours maj be
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trustworthy diagnostic point is transparency by transmitted light which
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the patient suffering and dying from leprosy. The Jury found that
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Dr. Bigelow s operation was performed a perfectly successful result following


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