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the consequent loss to the country through the tem-
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stance, beyond all suspicion, unless disturbance of
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"been there" and only want to help their colleagues from making the same mistakes.
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through the vagus, so that, as a general rule, increased pressure with
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many operations besides those on varicose veins. The bar-needle has a straight
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nant cells into it from the submucosa. It was observed early that the
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The Michigan "Jag Care Act." — The Legislature of
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tively painless, causes no accidents and is eminently success-
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throughout the body, from first to last, except the heart. Its
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koiiow (N.-TV.) La respiration intramoliculaire et la
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if it is desired to cover the entire range of skin path-
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The death of the animals (table 2) can probably be ascribed to the
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they consist of a short period of hilarity followed by a longer one of
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after the period; there was considerable nerve stoiro,
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all excess of humidity, and entirely exempt from any offensive or
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on at length. Dr. Andrews thought that perhaps, on the whole,
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weakened, but strengthened and vitalized by the attention
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chiefly of formal votes ; and the Council rose on Tuesday.
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have found it in the cadavers of persons dead of some
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Independently of the real utility which may arise from
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and take on the functions of the higher centre. This may
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\ pint, camphorated spirit 2 oz., Goulard's extract 1 oz., mix.
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ing upon damp ground, seems to be the only cause clearly apparent. The
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find) is most frequently the result of a deficient supply of arterial blood to
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mine the strength of voluntary muscular contractions.
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tion of milk sugar and potassium chloride; altogether forming an
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in the District of Columbia is highly objectionable.
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at rest upon an inclined plane in a proper traction appara-
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olher cases the destruction is more considerable. Ijeioin describes cap
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into the lateral ventricle. The breathing has usually, but by no means
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Wheiuas, The medical profession of the United States desires
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flesh, when long kept in cold weather, may undergo some slow and
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performed under the influence of an anaesthetic was 2,771, and
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form, and, as a matter of fact, Armstrong found reactions indicating
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ical education as being necessary for a medical man. Sir
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during the same period were 68, a percentage mortality of the cases
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The orchitis and epididymitis subsided, and he regained his


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