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up; but the sore on the glans never broke out again after it


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tive albuminuria, is observed when there are diffuse capillary bron-

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picture was one with which all medical men were fa-

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duced either by a disturbance of the internal ear or by an intracranial

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pathic " sect shows some mental aberration, but this is

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auro. Says she is 7 months preirnaut. Had cough sometime be-

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the practice of public health medicine including but not limited

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be present to make an early arrangement for hotel ac-

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in these cases in the last stage of phthisis, when no opera-

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ensues after shaking. In another test tube a tiny portion of feces (the

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which should, so soon as detected, make an operator exercise

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small joints. The X rays have shown the nature and extent of the bony

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personal acrimony between physicians. An unprejudiced

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consist of a large., cumbersome and homely tub or stone

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ammonia may be applied three or four times a day, and

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does not exist any doubt that such a control is very

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Ohio, of fifteen cases of smallpox, Dr. Bryce reported having visited

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20 samples of serum obtained for Swift- An extrmely useful mixture for the relief

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The remedy was applied as directed, and on the fourth day milk was abund-

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operations for resection of the carotid body for in-

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pocrates and portions of the writings of Galen. He com-

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begins to appear in the habits and disposition of the patient.

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worse than pain. One patient told me that she was nearly out of

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etc., in which he was remarkably successful. A portion of

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University, as that has been referred to, that we are essentially

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have been successfully dealt with. Dr. Sims' proposal

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than ringworm, and the microscope does not reveal the mycelium of the

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Fig. 3. Abcococcob : a, with thin wall, one is broken ; *, huekB (Billroth).

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over the head from some height in a small continuous stream.

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domen was painful on pressure, and the patient laid with the thighs flexed


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