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way in which he states his views carries conviction with it. We abstain
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ing the nine years of his editorship Dr. Barnhill has
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this paralysis, temporary at first, persists in proportion
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before him. His chief fault perhaps, as a Minister, was
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II. In 1893, killing frosts May 22 and September 23.
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in the ear, apart and distinct from those which are pro-
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and filling up a good part of the vagina, I think the
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many authors. Dr. Balfour recognises that this is the great lesion of the
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Probably confined to the lower altitudes of the eastern part of the
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seen in cases of opium poisoning. We were at a loss, for a
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ing life, that he preferred cornstalks to the paternal
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The work of the division, as the name indicates, may be
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abscess; if you do, the patient invariably dies." His
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It was there, although it had decidedly diminished in size under his hand-
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opinion should be influenced to prevent (1) the mar-
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cal meeting together at Saint Paul, one of the rare times when they were both
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they rise again, bake them in a hot oven. These cakes are
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the established rule of non-interference in parturition, I have
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of one side to be in the same plane as the superior vertical canal of the
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<Arch. de zool. exper. et gen., Par., 3. s., v. 2, notes et rev., pp. v-viii.
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3250 Webster street, on Friday, September 9, when thirty-eight
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tricles, for it is evident that the amount of muscle included in the path-
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29 per cent, of the horses examined had normal sight. Later he
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Swelling may be absent during the first few days of the
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engine. This view is supported by the fact that, in
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passed his time in washing the inside walls and ceil-
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to retard progress. In a foot note, "Tables for Doctor and
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edition was already based on the new pharmacopoeia, but efforts have
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For all operations requiring a temperature below that of boiling
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days, and it seems to be well for the invalid to seek
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Under these circumstances, we naturally and properly
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of potassium and sodium and with toluylendiamin caused splenic enlarge-
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tary preparations is much in excess of that of very
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pathologic inhibition excess. — Meltzer. excitation. — Meltzer.
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matter, till there is a pure and simple hospital for women — a
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fore the commencement of the description; and this earth may
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A Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, By J. Lewis
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no use of the terms "Mediae," " Teuues," "Mutes," " Semi-mutes,"
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cartridge cases and other pieces of metal, or whether the cartridge
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reader did not speak of, and that is the standing pos-
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fibres, causing the appearance of striae, alternately white
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logic deficits can develop. Patients who have a delayed occur-
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classical article upon Inflammation, contributed to Holmes Sj^tem of
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