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that the principles of the methods of disinfection correct but

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So far as contagion is concerned hundreds of surgeons well ac

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in regular annual session assembled does hereby express to Ir.

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coinplained of a feehng of lassitude pupils normal no

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factors. Intoxicating substances themselves even when consumed

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origin aad structure of certain loose bodies in the knee

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then close the wound aseptically and expect it to heal

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first twenty four hours of the disease after that time it

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apparatus it required twenty bulbfuls of pure air to

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become so accustomed to its presence that tlie drug may no

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endothelial cells and usually firmly adherent to the cor

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some others even much higher. Of course the excessive infant

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the realm for the purpose of preserving his health. Spottiswoode

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In the digestive organs the symptoms of disturbances are much

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glands and the sebaceous glands. The sweat glands secrete

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is what might have been expected. Massachusetts disgusted

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sions of odd water on the lower extremities have also been

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kept under the looms the evaporation from which sufticiently

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of ice water containing soda salicylate of bismuth. g.

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a transudation of fluid into the peritoneal cavity or else

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with a wonderful phase of general and more especially tropical

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services of persons especially tilled for llie work of disease svo

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be administered at frequent intervals the author recommends that

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to contain collections of pus. This is probably due to some terminal

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Outwardly the Neck and Spine of the Back may be rubbed

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times a good plan to allow the splints to extend from

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readily from side to side but could not be drawn down

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to contain collections of pus. This is probably due to some terminal

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to low altitudes not above or feet. A few who for one

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ing the university representatives the members are elected upon one

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where the mucous membrane was distinct It was covered by the loohial secretion.

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cheese. The liquid contained a white mass which lay at the bottom

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ner about an inch from its fellow through the upper and outer cortical

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the peristaltic action of the bowels. Now it is obvious that

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apparent constitutional effects except dilatation of the

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ual feeling. The aim of modern surgery was conserva

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less deep until it eventually ceases from paralysis of the


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