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M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania ;
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in the external portion of the eye, and sometimes of the face.
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(1) Increased troop strength for the coming offensive re-
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with the changes met with in the urine under morbid conditions.
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when any muscles which are especially feeble or deficient in irritability
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in regard to their physiology. Third, an account of some new experi-
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action become more or less involved. Gradually this feeling of
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sympathetic may be paralysed ; and this will result in contraction of the
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In another case, that of a dairyman, aged IR, Mr. Gant re-
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latter. I submit, therefore, whether there is any natural or physical im-
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Quiikers get iilon^' very \vi«ll withont woarinp it nt nil. The
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Definition. — The disease consists in a special and primitive
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to reckon with. What causes the displacement in such classic frac-
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would cease, only to return as severe as before. Ordered a tepid bath and
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isms. Whitish masses, looking like curds, are to be seen on the pal-
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Mellanby, and by Professor Paton too, that you must not apply
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stopped, and by proper diet and exercise. The most powerful and the
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no doubt that both of these terms were used to designate the same dis-
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the population, those who showed marks of it being mostly
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Elephant, from Malta ; Mr. Frank Buekland and Mr. Critchett,
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fetched. Ransahoff and others have shown that it is a method
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side. They differ no less in color. In place of the deep red of
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circulars came home " weeping," these mortuary results speak to us
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Laige circular hiemorrbage in tbe yellow -spot region.
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own physician, on account of his general feebleness
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of pneumonitis. But perversions of structure or degenerations involve,
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medium between the two extremes has sufficient confidence
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kuochen und ibre pioguo.stische Bedeutung. Ibid., 1884,
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There was nothing more remarkable till death, which took place tbe
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library." In ptMieral, the l)t'st thinf; to do with it is to add it
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cording to the fancy of writers, who recognize alike their simi-
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piliers du voile du palais dans la fi6vre typhoide. Gaz.
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successful cases of dilatation of the cervical canal for the vomiting of preg-
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of the virtue of medicinal fluids, I have been obliged to direct tvco shakes only
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it seems to restore to the muscles the power of contracting on the ap-
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Faces bright which fairly beamed with joy and gladness ; nor yet deemed
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of the surgeons have had similar experiences. In many
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quently a more efficient diuretic. I have seldom failed to relieve acute rheumatism


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