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great for these infants. As they improve, milk or top-milk

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doses than those mentioned above, proves of great ser-

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gentleman of great worth and professional skill, procured

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tions of the brain are of great importance to us, and worthy of a

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tication of the food is indispensable to digestion, and di-

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margins. The initial number contains a valuable paper on "Cerebral Anatomy

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■water-closet has a separate window ; and the ventila-

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tion " ; "I suffer^from bad digestion " ; "I can not sleep,"

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who prior to her illness of September 15, 1915, had

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think it positively harmful. Iodide of potassium, on the other hand,

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leading surgeons of the South. I present our President, Dr. Hubert

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and brings into view that end of the forceps which is in

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of the palatine dome, or irregularity even in the setting of the teeth.

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Belonging among the zymotic diseases caused by a specific mor-

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who have been subjected to the influence of mercurial poisoning.

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now applied as well as possible to the calculus and an attempt made to

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ing from the pharynx into the larynx they have caused fatal asphyxia.

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education as would fit him for an ordinary classical

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scribed by Dr. Murphy on one side of the incision ; one,

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hand, amid more intense reddening another form arose out of the

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its eighteen large tanks, and almost believe himself at the

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without destroying life is enormous. Dr. Tunstall, of Bath relates the case

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must see that there is not such uniformity in the examination

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She also had half a grain of iodoform intravenously three

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to enforce metamorphosis in thyroidless larvae by feeding them on thy-

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the druggist Fless, in Nuremberg. In selecting his specimens of the

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Nov. 15th. — R.. 4\,. L., 5fi- No treatment since

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bent in order to accommodate it to the horizontal plane

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and arms, as high as the shoulder ; the epigastrium painfully

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opponent, and makes statistics put a discouraging as-

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* Monographie des degenerat. squirrheuses de restomac, Paris, 1804.

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%va labor, was attended by a midwife until she became exhausted,

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ganglionic system and the cerebro-spinal system. The second

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hoping by this means to concentrate the nervous phe-

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nometer. I always worked, however, with the excellent

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patient that their suffering is due to gall-stones, and not a few

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of the needle, distinctly created the impression that

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that place, and hence we have a cogent reason for attacking

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ation's code of ethics. We are informed that it was under-

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In another case a physician had an attack of influenza^

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particularly weak heart, will doubtless account for some of the

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Fatty Concrktiovs disch.vrged from the Bowels. — At tlie last meet-

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has for its object a consideration of the best means for the

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in this country several instances of death caused by lobelia, which

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observing that the swelling is in front ^ of the knee-pan, whereas in

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rov«r7i»« S WILLIAM OTIS FAXON, MJD- Stowahton, Maa¥.

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