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more pronounced. Thus a lesion producing locomotor ataxia is

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be expected, as in railroad injuries or severe gunshot wounds.

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Fourth, that by the method which I advocate and prac-

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punctiform. and he considers primary operation essential. There

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old age I shall be satisfied." This is partly, no doubt, due to the

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attain by the method he suggests. So far as the con-

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contraction of the abdominal muscles and levator ani, the latter in this way exert-

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yielded to the temptation, even when the operation was neither

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few drops of turpentine. This waistcoat has the advantage, in.

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consult me. This advice was a surprise to him, as he had always

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looked to the total extinction of the plague throughout the entire

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which is at variance with our usual theories concern-

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and other cities from the saline plains and pastures of the

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1st. Leucocytes clearly rise from the thymus, as there are no

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Vol. XXI. Louisville, Ky., February 22, 1896. No. 4.


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