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ami with loss of substance the edges lacerated irregularly the bottom shallow

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which accompanies the atrabilarian temperament in body and

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most observers have traced the conA ersion of starch to the dextrin

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used port wine with a d x ootion of rose leaver tu

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dupois and tenths. The average weight of the brain for all ages

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regularly and avoid intemperate and all other depressing habits. It is

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of obstinate diarrhoea. The above suggestions are also applicable to

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eign body as artificial gastric juice into the pancreas gives rise

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diet has been excluded entirely or reduced to a very small amount.

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flammatory syphilitic infiltration by the coexistence of gumma

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manent effect upon cases of nymphomania due to gross

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Dr. A. Jacobi of N ew York Before I am prepared to add

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ance enemas containing belladonna or opium may be used.

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ucated physician but it can not refuse admission to any

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The amount of watery vapour is ascertained by means of

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The rectal trouble was treated first with injections three

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in the trachea has already begun we may be almost certain that

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full meeting is earnestly requested. Invitations have been issued to several

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Trimen are two of our best botanical authorities and both are well

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as when bulls fight and break off a member should be promptly bound

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medication by the stomach skin and rectum was full considered.

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in the Philadelphia Collefre of Pharmacy. Third edition thor

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parasites of the vegetable kingdom such as fission fungi yeast

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great despair of patient and physician there are frequent renewals of inflam

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The Pancreas. Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis gives rise to inflam

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there have been symptoms of pregnancy previous to the collapse but

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stitched the wound with silk. I was gratified to get an

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from to general practitioners from our University every

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instances. The cases are chronic the general health is but slightly interfered

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muriate of ammonia. For riding horses do not use bar shoes but thicken

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diseases of the heart is well worth our time and consid

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French Medical Congress last year state that the ques

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George S. colored admitted February aged suffering from

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in the treatment of neuralgic conditions cedure should not be continued longer than

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The grouping of the infectious diseases in accordance with the

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believed foot and mouth disease had never prevailed in this

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marked changes in other parts of the nose where the erec


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