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the trays they should be scalded with boiling water, and strong

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Society, went on to cite the case of a young invalided soldier who

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and resumes her usual occupations, though her face i- more pallid,

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pro-state medicine propaganda constantly being poured

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causes are, a previous inversion after labor; a constitutional predispo-

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in rural schools. Seventy-three and seven-tenths per cent, of the

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method of a concentrated solution. One injection of 0-30 g. in from

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In one case there was recurrence of the disease six

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after I had seen the patient, when he was living quietly at home

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humidity would obstruct the soaking down of matter from the brain through the

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in many cases a condition akin to splenisation taking place in

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tric contractility intact or diminished; 2, voluntary power incompletely lost;

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Venereal Diseases. These clinics are being very generously dealt

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Pedersen, Anna Marie, a, Carpenter, S.D. Dakota Wesleyan University.

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of the fascial capsule from the posterior layer of the triangular

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displacement of their shadows in the two exposures will differ

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long as like begets like, so long will we have hereditarj'

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of his patient at heart, instead of trying to impress the profession and

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Comparison of the Typhoid Deaths in Ontario in 1918

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may be taken as the height thereof for the purpose of this

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The gases given off by the action of sulphuric hydride on barium per-

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and larger than those found in the horse. They are composed of

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no such record. A few necropsies have been published, but the accounts

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