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Floods 1931
Old photos
Sir Robert Philp
Tree Report
History of a Street Name
Opening of Toowong Library
Railway Station c.1900
Sisters of Mercy
Poster - Sale of the Glen Olive Garden Estate from 1924
Significant Toowong Tree Report
Latest Newsletter
Local Area Plan

chills throughout the whole course of the illness, and in the

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and not (as will be the invariable result, if we leave the States

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enfeebleroent of the circulation, the patient is in the most imminent danger of

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we do not make them so. We take the cases indiscriminately, as we find

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of comparatively good constitution. As the woman now

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physicians recommend giving a casein hydrolysate at

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''P. DeM." and " R. F. H." patients at the colony, mani-

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1. The Victorian Order of Nurses of the City of Toronto cared for

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well-defined mass of pancreatic tissue, the lobules of which are

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Splenic dulness is extensive, otcujjying lower left

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entered into permanent relationship. In a case of this character,

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The substance is very difficultly soluble in the usual neutral solvents.

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In tropical countries dysentery appears to be more independent of

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objects, I now revert to the latter; repeating what I

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Again prolong the original incision on each side of the base of the

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coated, the stomach irritable, the skin hot and dry, or there is

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of the canal ; the lower two-thirds being padded with soft cot-

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the shape of the deformed foot and applied to the outer border of the Kmb.

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the action of somatose upon the mammary gland in nursing women. After

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means at its disposal Great economy is practised in the


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