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gUon, the anlage of the first sympathetic gangUon may be ob-
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or riding, and sometimes by a want of energy in the
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174, Triosteum perfoliatum. Fever root, 5, 1. Cathartic, and in large
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by rough estimates, and I suppose that in about nine cases out of ten the
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constitutes a larjier proportion of the population than
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the stomach, two loops of silk were placed two inches
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tends this part of, the intestine, A certain portion of
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For a broken leg (mir. 3), for deformities of the limbs
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i) See Eggeling's Intro, to" 5atapatha Brdhmawa." Pt. ii, pp.
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(Argentina); Ph.D. 1967, University of Cuyo (Argen-
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taken in its organization, and that its largest and most en-
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Many factors may tip the patient with chronic liver disease
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was one instance in this series of their association. Trichinosis may simulate
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morbid one. Dr. Williams thinks that the; first cause dilatation of tha
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When we speak of intelligence we embrace in the expression the
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erinary education by various ways. In Austria, where the
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it does is to make the skin sore." Dr. Hillory says, that " blisters con-
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cholera infantum, and the remedies there suggested will be
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the ligature in a more rapid and satisfactory manner constitutes its
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suggest some needed legislation looking to this end.
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intractable complaint. In addition to the means which are usually
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cal medication alone in the treatment of the disease.
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is considerable distention, due to a large quantity of food in the
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and perfused three times with 25 cc. of the following salt solutions and four
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hospital of Fort Sam Houston, Texas. They were selected as cases
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form of a disease, it cannot fail, 1 think, to interest the medical
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for nine hours, and it had frequently recurred for short periods. Of
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noon about four times a week. One demitasse will not keep him awake; a
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self- registering apparatus were put in and records
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transmitted or acquired, or both in some cases That in con-
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lost, but they also corrected deformities of the mouth
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The toxins must be regarded, then, as the more important etiologic
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THE JAECKH MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 422 E. Eighth Ave., Cincinnati, t).
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to be found with a greater awareness of this condition. Clini-
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the nerve close to the globe, a swelling and oedema of
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itself into an universal secretion of serum throughout all the cavi
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5. Eliminative Treatment. This, as suggested especially by W. B.
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pate a failure on our next trial. Still, for the sake of greater security in


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