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(1 part to 100 water) may be apphed by means of sat-

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for the due performance of his work in that great city of 210,000

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I have a friend who after completing his course at the Phila-

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times as long as the leaves ; spikes few, the terminal one much the

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pean was subject, for a short time, to much confusion of ideas, and

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consonance with the conception of a granuloma. As a matter of fact,

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symptoms have set in, the patients are irritable, refuse to be comforted, start

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from other parts of the Province indicate that the total enrollment will

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the dura, and the encouragement of a hernia of the brain may be the only

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which is doubtless explained by the fact that parents have less regard for the

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the faintest suspicion of cholera either with or without diarrhoea.

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lesions, besides obtaining a history of syphilitic infection, the presence

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eadi of these areas. These doses may be given on the aame day or

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made impossible for any one to remain in ignorance. As

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been snow-white for twenty years. Suffered greatly from

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this purpose frogs were better adapted than the higher animals, as the

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containing a fluid of a dirty reddish-brown colour, or of a lighter

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was no muscular twitching or jerking. The post-mortem showed

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number of whom are excluded from good society while possessing

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given hourly in drop doses, and after some hours the secretion

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of the face and under lip were partially paralyzed. There was

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Voluntary observers are requested to include in their

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outcome of the whole matter might be that the highly-trained physician of

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been generally rejected. But after a careful consideration of

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became delirious, and continued so until the 4th of

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Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and other affections of the respiratory organs.

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Hospital. B.S. 1981, Georgetown University; M.D. 1986,

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to say that tlie members of the American Medical Aduocia-

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caine to a considerable extent in his practice for the

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and sulphuretted hydrogen. Pure carbonic acid, gen-

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pear large at one time and small at another, and this in


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