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the passengers should be removed at once and carefully separated into

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A normal electrocardiogram on the other hand can never be

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the emaciation and exhaustion the more unfavorable are the prospects

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Escherich and of the sewage streptococci of Houston in polluted

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entirely covered. There is complete divergent strabismus of left

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acteristic tumors and much straining and difficulty in pass

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demands the utmost strategy of the doctor the unremit

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citis. It is true that the symptoms are in part alike. Both

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The author thinks these results justify his modification of the

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diminished. There is imperfect oxidation and an excess of

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higher members of the pyridine series resemble in physiological action the

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large vats for the removal of ticks from them. He finds the

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carbolic acid alcohol solution of pepsin potassic perman

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tive in all cases for typhoid bacilli and no macroscopic evidence of

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be employed the disinfectant the astringent and the

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feel what a good fellow he w as and how much we lost

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undergoing calcification after complete cutting off of their blood

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he used that term of the reply made by Dr. Bellows m regard

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the disease is epidemic even in cases which seem mild.

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and to in noncarriers. The agglutinins in the lipoid vaccinated

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rics Cloth binding. Published by P. Blakiston Son amp

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ted for the position and demonstrated the fact by relieving Dr.

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Percussion. The area of cardiac dulness is usually much increased. In

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of course vary materially according to the precise complication and

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could be easily roused. The treatment hitherto even since it became mani

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age while carcinoma is prevalent in direct proportion to advancing

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to gm. daily. The dog was on this diet to November and

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each percussion. This fluctuation is usually recog

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pension of rumination refusal of food and febrile disturbance. The

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a fence comer some four miles from home without any assis

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beings and himself illustrated by numerous interesting

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Typhlomolgc a number of typical species among them the Pahcmoncks

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ment most frequently the ulceration heals inflammation or congestion sub

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rrite or the microphytic causes of other cutaneous diseases. It may

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this he was present at a lecture at the College of Physi

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brane of the nose is And further it is known that even

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ful woman quite as deeply interested as the doctor himself

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act detrimentally on their own welfare whether in pub


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