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planatory of the genesis of certain symptoms in special
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mentary canal we drain away the poison. This, in other words,
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TABLE 9. — Association of Pellagrins With Antecedent Cases
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Dr Beasley graduated cum laude from Harvard College in 1964 and re-
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officials wait until they have been requested by a petition to effect a
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sent UCR plan for Federal employees has been nothing
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administered internally. An iodide of mercury is said to be formed.
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,, J'';:; ;;'"''^' '"'■' ';""" ''^•""- "--'«i''>-K.aned bv.,.ubbin,
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The standard diet of von Noorden's clinic, kevulose, phos-
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persons by whom they were surrounded in the new neighbourhood
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of antibodies that permit an ulcer to develop. It is
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dark chocolate, presenting different shades of colour, and instead of being
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Dr. Lawson's conclusions in his second or clinical study are :
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if he could take the boy into his institution. He wrote back at once that
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cupied so proud an eminence, and that when compared with
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Culex pipiens, they escape from the erythrocytes, and appear free in the lumen
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Reprint requests to James R. Guidry, PharmD. Department of Pharmacy, Good Samaritan Medical Center, HUE McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006.
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be absent. In recent years the disease has also been
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Syphilitic Lobulation of the Tongue. "^Cobble- stone Tongue.
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the Nixon administration, the American Medical Associa-
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farther up in the genital tract on the bladder and soft
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ulated individual and the corresponding clinical type of fever has been
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Par." Internal. Clinic, Phila. 1895, 50, iii. 143-149. — 52. Soitques, A. Rev. neur.
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Another subject suffered greatly from topoalgia. Facachon blistered
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exclude the first of this list. There is still diver-
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would be evidently more so under less artificial conditions.


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