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the most prominent symptoms, while in other instances the
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There are circumscribed areas of fibrosis separated by lung tissue more or
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door. He got out of the room and fell in the hall. Now, the
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Inneren Medicinan der Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat,
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Dunham, Charles Little, a, w, sp, Evanston. A.B. (Yale U.) '29.
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Surgical Reports of the Boston City Hospital, 1S99, x, 39 to S2) and in part on the
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mass of contents — separating the fluid from the solid,
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gland exercises a most curious influence; its hvper-
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294 Directions for using the Nitrate of Silver. [May,
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mentality. The exceptions were cases of insanity, presumably inherited
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sources, and organisms which in persons above j^r would
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may be done by a good operator without the employment
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A prolonged excretion of exogenous uric acid has been considered
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Skiagrams illustrating the Treatment of Two Cases of Non-
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proteids out with an over-indulgence in the fats, sugars,
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upper e.xtremities, she showed the first symptoms of
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the consumption of milk in Edinburgh can be rendered certainly
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ease is due to a slowly growing cryptogam, it has been
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their nutriment by absorbing soluble material from the fluid medium
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The first of these divisions, the seat of the sensations, of intel-
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ology and microbic pathology that modem medicine is
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the saw is regulated by a screw at the top of the saw, and
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described one case in which the patient was obliged to
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certain other touch-cells have been discovered " ^ which lie in the
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larged. In ligating the ovary, I attempted to use Mr. Tait's
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3Ir. R. Alcock ; Dr. Vinen ; Dr. G. Johnson; Dr. Bennett; Copio
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cases in which hydrophobia occurs as a disease of the imagination, the
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of a man, whilst Che arms and legs are withered, contracted, contorted, and utterly useless,


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