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and other vaccinators will be glad to know the precise methods

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As many other patients were visited as time permitted. Clergymen from

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It turns out, as I suspected, that the lymph in the tube had obstructed it. The

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That tuberculous disease may be acquired before birth, either through

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the Nitze instrument should only be used for the removal of

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most part the superficial reflexes diminish on the affected side, tendon

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much unlike the deep-seated aching connected with inflammation of

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question of fees another feature was presented which

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The pus is sometimes in numerous minute disseminated points, sometimes

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and the infra-orbital nerve may be lacerated, causing anaesthesia over the

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The Liverpool Corporation has resolved to appoint a

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"■4. To obtain the lymph from a healthy subject." (Pp.

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Prognosis. — The mortality varies greatly in different outbreaks,

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The cold plunge bath alone, without affusion, answers well

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range from 26.7° to 35° C. (80° to 95° F.). These tubes are

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