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covery as a great blessing for human and veterinary

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compared with the acid purins probably because the xanthin

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who do not have digestive trouble. They have mostly lost the

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can be little doubt that the underlying condition should be

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the close of the operation the breathing became much embarrassed and the face

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edematous thickening of the gallbladder an inflamed peritoneal

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when the patient is lying on his back with the head on a

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In almost all cases the differences in actual weight between the

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from its combinations.. The excess of fat may be the result of

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male subject. It is subject to inflammation urethritis which may

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an animal could be introduced into the body without

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especially after very warm and at the same time very dry

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laws. At a glancing angle the reflection was very marked. It

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with the loud clothes suave manners and big smile Bob

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which extended into the antrum on the greater curvature of the stomach.

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were interstitial in type. In each patient the lungs

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ment of the peritoneum lining the grooves by cicatricial tissue

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although irregular compared to the transitory pyrexia of the other illness

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these islands there are always to be seen cells which appear with the

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tigated it how views have changed in regard to it the latest

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arrest perhaps the girl s spiritual adviser and the examining sur

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ing is equally harmful in cases in which it is desired to

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integuments resort was had to every plan of treatment oflering

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find. Except under the stress of necessity liowever the opera

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In some cases of diphtheria even where the deposition of the


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