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ing an unfavorable course, he changed to another physician,
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lence of Tuberculosis in Man ?-— Dr. E. O. Shakespeare,
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pulmonary complications of typhoid fever have already
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animals, for example rabbits and dogs, may be used for any of the
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accept a very small sum for a personal introduction to the jiatients,
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when the scales are softened. The action of ointments is much intensified
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or established theoretical opinions for himself. By these, be thej
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capriciously taken up, but sometimes with things really valu-
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any othrr vegetable bitter. It is valuable, however in these
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' As we have no ultimate analysis of tins substance, it is impossible to enter
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she has not gained in weight since her admission a year ago : there is loud pec-
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medicines that ordinary physicians employ ! And if they give a
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ating chloroform when aided by the use of morphine and
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bodies are undergoing chromatolysis : the nucleus is destroyed and the
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cough, hoarseness, and pains in the throat I find in
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after an attack of haemoptysis, close observation shows some elevation of
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The combined state and federal tax is 3.1% of the first $3,000 of annual wages paid to all em-
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ble- He was quite a sufferer also from haemorrhoids.
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peculiarities which serve materially to help the diagnosis.
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skin is browned as if by sun-burn and the effect is claimed
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69-74. Also : Gaz, med. de Strasb. ,1885, 4. s., xiv, 38-40.—
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kindly given in our honor at Parent Park, after we got there, but
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diarrhea was usually produced. Pfaft finds it variable in pa-


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