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the seventh and eighth months principally depend upon pie*
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abdominal supporter is much admired by those who have examined it.
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the most densely inhabited regions of JN'ew York City for the six years
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man, who have made some very valuable contributions and enabled the
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from 25 to 30. It is rare in infancy but not infrequent in childhood. A
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D., from Bucyrus, Ohio, came today, and through his influence the patient got up
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abstinence from alcoholic stimulants. Dipsomania is to be treated as a
Association, Reading Branch, special general meeting,
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he had investigated with great care the circumstances attending the derange-
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unmistakable, is in some cases so feeble that it £eu1s to be transmitted
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transmitted by Marey's improved tambours ; a chronograph re-
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natural sounds that result from such changes; and lastly, consider
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and took a deep interest in local affairs. He was elected
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Such an apparatus as has met this requirement will be
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hundred and forty-nine days after removal of tlie pessary, fol-
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which is ideally suited since it is readily accepted
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a sudden decrease in the number of cases of typhoi^
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Under these circumstances the quantity of cerebro-spinal fluid that could
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lation of this organism and the response of the patient's
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case* of small-pox have been under treatment, during
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of the country folk. The wise woman under her differ-
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stigma of reproach, if syphilisation be not allowed a
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Service Review Board and selected again as officers were: Dr.
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against crediting these statements. ~Not that I would insinuate a
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large, hard tumor was found lying under the right costal
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with measles. The others of the crew passed their time under similar con-
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sometimes excavated in the ground, sometimes built above it,
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ginning atrophy of the optic nerve. The patient lived
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splenic miliary tuberculosin in a nurse, who, fatigued from
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wish to express the pleasure it is to me and to many others
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able proportion of acid was used, causing necrosis of tissue, no
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mode of operating, are familiar to all. I certainly would
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pital, which receives vast numbers of patients from all the States tributary to the Mis-
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premature infants. The problem of feeding the premature infant was a difficult
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boy, whose general condition was quite good, and the
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ever, is not tenable. Considering the very definite etiological
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after the manner it is administered in round-worms, is bene-
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ments, addresses, etc., etc. Such a book furnishes a convenient
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end on, close together, and scattered among them with-
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and the profession, and to this end ask the State Board of Health (if within
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transillumination. The right external auditory meatus shows exostoses.
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against their use, but he considers that the operation of injec-
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with the addition of some white powdered sugar and' a little


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