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States the majority claim death in chloroform anaesthesia

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latter mode that it prevents every examiner from hearing what the

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carried several times as far as the gases of combus

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process is prevented and the mortality of diphtheria reducible

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quency ivhen I stood erect it was then upwards of. When I

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the matter largely because of being the first advocate of perineal

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of an elaborate monograph by the director Prof. Kraepelin

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gates to the several county societies may be in attend

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qualified surgeon on board or with one not registered under the Medical

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the best treatment in a great number of instances is

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of instruction of the Medical School of the Johns Hopkins Uni

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Dr. Hooker from the committee on Medical Topography and Epideiu

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PiLCHEE James E. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sui geon.

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is with the baggage but a surgical haversack or wallet is

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