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our own experimental work, we find little evidence to support the belief
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Why doth the land tohtch standeth still seem to move unto
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kind, or dependent upon the presence of some specific poison in the
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was given as the most digestible of foods, and as being highly
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the general practitioner after a reasonable amount of study and ap-
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now on the Lander farm could better serve their interests by
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atlas is rarely found to be in the median line with the
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of the disease ; but it is often difficult to prove any such sequence.
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the cases of delirium tremens, the cerebrum presented an anemic con-
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cause of the descent of the bowel. Moreover, he endeavors to show that
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466 tracheotomies performed with 340 deaths, giving 73 per cent of mortal-
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small quantities of carbonic oxide-gas in solution exhibits a
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relation in this case between cause and effect, such as a blow from
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of semi-mutes the results were especially satisfactory,
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Sedum rhudiola, DC. Wind River Mountains, August 12-17.
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While this is in progress all metal work used in the stable,
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Independent origin of the eireumflexa interna from the crural artery (so
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motor paralysis is induced, evidently due to the loss of the sense of
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(omental, visceral and mesenteric) ; dissecting or luetic
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side, or so narrow as to cramp the foot, and produce
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possibly a tumour or syphilitic lesion in the pons.
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exudation of the diphtheritic deposit on the mucus sur-
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trials on the land itself. Question of wages, shelter, food, clothing had
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Voelckers. A further very ordinary event found after death is a
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Only titles of papers which have been accepted, and which may be
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vidual predisposition exists, which increases from year to year. He also holds
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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Zoology, July 5, 1918, Vol. xxvi,
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percussing extremity of which terminates in a truncated cone, and
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diet. The occasional association of scurvy with rickets is not
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One to two INDERIDE tablets twice daily can be used to administer up to 320 mg of pro-
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to clean up from the edges it is a very favorable sign. In scarlet
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they are at all times very distressing complaints, and quite unfit
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and when he died he left an estate of two millions.
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Patient menstruated last about the middle of April, 1887; peritonitic
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reason have for their physical basis the frontal lobes ; if
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He conduced himself wkh the greatest propriety ^n the
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We do not yet, notwithstanding the light which others may think them-
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surfaces of the genital tract and not by the medium of the air
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quart, enables either to dissolve copal by heat. The
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to the same discipline, and to stimulate pride. I can-
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ticularly common secondary invader, in others it was insignificant.
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the man had been an habitue of the hospital for some


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