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School, it is but just to state that it attracted attention in
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It was noted that injections of both luetin and control pro-
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before the patients had lost such an amount of blood, the
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The right eye has given no trouble since to be practically better than the test would
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minous constituents of milk are produced by the lactic fer-
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lently. 4.25. — Hurried breathing ; restlessness. 4.45. — Becoming
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Pathological research to date has not aided us in determin-
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and considerable protrusion of the conjunctival transition
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The fifth case is much like the first. There are no
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Suddenly, one-half the field of vision in his left eye became obscured,
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matter had disappeared, with the exception of two small cretaceous con-
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surface. Tr. Ophth. Soc. IT. Kingdom, Lond., 1891-2, xii,
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dulla oblongata and spinal cord; purulent serum in slieatli of cord;
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Death from Cardiac Failure ; Necropsy ; Microscopy.
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Department, Northwestern University Medical School ; and Freder-
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1, acute Bright's disease; 2, chronic parenchymatous nephritis; 3, chronic
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angle so as to catch under the chin, and thus remain in
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valuable signs. Auscultation of the apex posteriorly gives a
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He believed also that it will here- t ^.^ c -ir tn ■ . -^^ j •.. j
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Marcy stated that in the radical operation for her-
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the most nutritious, ninety- five per cent; wheat-flour, ninety per cent;
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1 Journ. Obstet. and Gyn. Brit. Emp., 1911, xix. p. 526 ; xx, pp. 11-17.


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