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bathes the end of the proboscis, a powerful abdominal contraction
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conclude that the partial stoppage of trade in the cotton
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viously confused with it. In 1898 Crombie made an attempt to
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A method devised by Duclaux and used in a number of his experi-
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methods. Dye excretion as low as 27 per cent, was found with kidneys
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elongation of tlie cervix ; so a part was amputated, iiut this did not relieve the
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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money order, bank check, or registered
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sewed up with silver wire, and the stitches all tightened, except two
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to a possible volvulus or to the protrusion of a coil of intestine
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myelitis, septic compound fractures, burns, ulcers, boils,
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such as milk and plain buttermilk. Alcohol should be for-
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author, in speaking of the merits of the operation, gives a sensible Avarn-
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even a slight shock and small amount of haemorrhage.
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— Eisner (Therapeutic Oazette, June 15, 1899), believes that we
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Locally, the actinomycotic nodules or swellings are,
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the physiologist and physician, I have endeavoured to study this fluid from
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In older children free exercise should be taken ; in cities the systema-
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sider this as in the nature of a physiological occurrence although it is
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seen in the horizontal position, although nothing more than a slight
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being drawn as to the resj)ective values of the old and new
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Swine Influenza Immunization effort which was gratefully
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in brilliant yellow silk. The tail commenced on the instep and
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The nerve supply is derived from two sources, namely the pneu-
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ever agency, therefore, that tends to make the physician a better
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doubtful cases it is advisable to inoculate white mice, which
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other children, and the condition of the skin while under the operation,
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The inflammatory lesion resulted in thrombosis of the vena cava
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with this idea in mind, but have not yet reached a number
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The testis was partly atrophic, and no cause for a pri-
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also minute quantities of the bromide of radium have been em-
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Case V. — G. Cook, G.'kl Penn., wounded at Fair Oaks, May 31st.
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This editorial further makes the startling announcement :
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the cortex. The kidneys thus diseased may be little
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after a general septicemia due to an abortion, developed
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what is it to be applied ? He as readily endeavored to make, what-
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circumscribed. As a primary disease, this circumscribed form is very infre-


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