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as one of tlie most fatal of acute diseases almost to
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and the great influence that disturbances of the stomach
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The vital capacity curve during pregnancy was most striking. A
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may be found quite generally distributed in one or both
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all recovered. One of these cases was a stoker who had become infected
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not heard in front when the valve is diseased or at
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and of miraculous industry. His Vegetable System extending
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age when the praise is sung of the silent steed and the
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workers in this direction. The advantage of nuclein therapy
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requires to be administered with several excellent herbal
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good health the same fact was observable. On the th of July
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ber of bacilli which the atmosphere might contain or upon the
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educational methodologies. VHA will then be able to estimate costs
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Inoculation upon rabbits caused fever erythema and a subsequent
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was years old and weighed pounds. Aside from chronic jaundice from
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sboald at first be used bnt once a day with the patient
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leg became implicated. The patient was subjected to internal
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arms. The lower extremities particularly below the knee appar
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may attain so extreme a degree that in place of the normal
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acute mania. From these tables the following conclusions are
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in consequence of an increase in the average interval between death
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ficient narrow strips are used. These exercises are
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logists. It occurred in a girl aged two years. here was a strong
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at the same time should be washed with sanitas or vinegar and
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the urine once or twice weekly during the later months of preg
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It is commonly asserted and universally believed that
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adhesions have protected him. If lymph exudate walls in
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Curetted and fulgurated January. The wound healed readily except
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improved sanitary conditions this complication may be to a large extent
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which inflames and finally ulcerates leaving a raw unhealthy
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very rapidly for however soon the throat be examined after the first
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Krosnick was a member of the New Haven County Medical
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mittee appointed by the Pediatric Section of the New
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cases the opportunity for diagnosis never presents before rupture.
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modern rojectiles he diffused. In cf nclusion Colonel I would draw


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