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med. Presse, 1892, -xxxiii, 212; 255; 297. ■ . Uiepatho-

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For an information packet or to arrange for an interview,

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of the specialists in our line present the next year should be held for the

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up to an altitude of 1,500 meters. At this altitude the vision may

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suffering, and to lengthen out human existence, by warding off or

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Velpeau states the following : — " A woman in her

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ther in yourselves or others. On certain occasions the bruit is extremely

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Specimen No. 1016f from the Mtisenm of Charing Cross Hospital}

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elimination. It is a matter, so to speak, of dead reck-

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fund and is debtor to the institution to that amount. Every

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well under way, and then let it work in a cooler place 6 or

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established. This survey (see app. XIV) could be con-

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which is first voluntary, the vice may become involuntary

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Published monthly by BLANCHARD dk LEA, Philadelphia, for One Dollar

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of sero-fibrinous exudation. The course is divisible into two stages, the divi-

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excentric expansion, like a ringworm or E. multiforme ; and in such cases

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public should be taught that the significance attached to

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Moreover, what he calls " congestive forms of fever" are

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forty-five years, 16 grams; between twenty and forty-five years, 25 grams.

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ish the value of the spinal nerves in the determination

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The reason of this appears to be the rapid production of toxin by

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as an alteration of the albumins, which latter play an important part in

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terior iliac spine and above the trochanter, a position in

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Rapid increase then took place and the patient died 8 days after

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project sites. Use will be made of existing access,

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The cranium contains much blood ; in the longitudinal sinus there

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having foreign diplomas to practise in France. Under

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The coroner was still upon occasion the surgeon. Once on enter-

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ized, and conse(piently the smaller arteries of the

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where the luminous intensity is seen to reach a maximum

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Chapin (of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind) tells us of "one

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ment that has been pointed out is certainly one in which

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right increased a httle, with slight redness. Continue

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Waldschmidt, W J, 163 East Division St, Fond du Lac 54935

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the examinations lay themselves open to criticism. I do not ask


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