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innervation of the spinal reflexes, or a better tonus of these muscle gps. Thw,
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the red corpuscles — erythrocythsemia ; fragility of the vessels; pathogenic
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caustics. The toxines had cured no cases, though some may have been
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coming year will be duly considered and suitable action
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passing the finger of the same hand into the iliac fossa. It will then
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only in those cases where by very slight pressure the flexion deformit)
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acid, as devised by Esbacli for the detection of albumin in the
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of submucous nodules. The latter ulcerate, and perforation of the serous
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times the recommended human dose, benign Leydig cell tumors were
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after 1850, was never fatal. Of 1,255 hospital cases re-
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oughly esta >iished, yet on ihe other hand he is "absolutely of the opinion that
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•■•<l--nu-n,y,,fea.e-ph,,,i„,,heh..le,--u,}u,e„,.... theair.nthe
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they bag an enemy flier, and those who are not aces receive such
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on the hands, caused by hard work, but their usual seat is on the
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tion is simply a hyperplasia of the lymphatic glands.
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of vision ** can " exist with a lesion of the posterior third
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The true facts, as exemplified in the selection of soldiers for the
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healthy system and wound ; second, perfect coaptation of wound tis-
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easily illustrated by stating what passed this day before the pupils of M.
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nutive donkey and a moderate-sized one-man go-cart. The taste of
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tive observation of man, in the greatest possible diversity of cir-
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cal signs of the lesions, and upon the large amount of alkaline
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everything in prognostication to the integrity of the
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things that had been said by Mr. Victor Horsley. Mr. Victor
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Of course, if there be dropsy in connection with aortic disease the
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or at least one specimen from one kidney and a mixed specimen from
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liave recently been reported many successful cases of partu^
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before, their adhesive properties will not be impaired thereby, but strongly
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one pint of water which has been boiled and allowed to cool
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De[)artment of the University of the Pacific, in .San I'Vancisco, num-
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roids is essential when patients do not respond readily to
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viously he had experienced a sensation of numbness and slight pain in the leg
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tion it showed a dull and small cornea, two black eleva-
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the operation of incision of the tympanic membrane in cases of
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es on Diseases of the Brain, &c., p. 358, 8vo.,
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heated fluid, developed white cloudy fiimes, evidently tlie
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3. No one who professed to possess knowledge which he would not
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mended in this country, by many eminent physicians, to be given


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