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Fort Assinnihoine Mont. The Legal Relations of a Surgeon to the Na
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the data for the different wards and find that those
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nuclei of the stroma by amitotic division and probably by frag
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during the last five years. This process gives a mean average
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The effusion in these cases is sero flbrinous often has a
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America but more in Europe so far as can be learned from current
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marks we mentioned the lurking bacillus awaiting favorable oppor
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duodenum and thus satisfied myself of the patency of
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spinal disease. The former occasioned a peculiar perversion of the
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anterior pyramid may be cut across without causing any very obvious
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contracted the infection. Attempts to produce symptomatic infection
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community where officials were forgetful of the great responsibilities attend
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an opa ue object. Then follow directions for prepar
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ages of seven and ten years and per cent in those between
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Physical examination on the fifth day in consultation with her
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decided to detain her at the lower quarantine for observation.
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lation. Hence also they have been supposed capable of attaching
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diseases such as tuberculosis are probably more closely rdated to social
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own person and in addition recorded the descriptions of
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The Secretary read a letter from Dr. Salmon expressing his personal
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hulf an liour. She has been very nervous has suffered from hot
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deal of discomforK that eases on an ordinary angalar
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at his feet the hysteric patient looks at her observers. The electric
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a clinical classification of hip disease. He finds four well marked
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yields meat of the best quality and they have grown
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much unnecessary matter is thus added and the value of the literary work
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qualified confrere who makes none. To some and they naturally the most
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by destroying it by the flat electrode. The first method
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mittee Chairman. Strong support was given to major MSSNY
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funnel. The lower end of the thread could then be caught


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