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It has also been considered a mild tonic promoting the action of

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axis tracti<m. Brooklyn M. J., 1895, ix, 23-30.— Jinieno

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947,942, 1,004,36?, 1,053,920, and 1,023,551— the setting

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disintegration. A careful regulation of the diet and

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typical lymphocytes and other larger round cells greatly resembling

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our therapeutical views must be based upon the presumption, in

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IS, T.». 2«).—Larir»" swollen and fratnnenting extracellular bodies.

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Commission in regard to the hours of labour in factories. In

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in the majority (Mangin), in all the cases examined by the

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branous portion. The stricture was incised and dilating instru-

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gunshot Entered hospital January 10, discharged February 19.

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Such as these are a few of the interesting cases of appendi-

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was seized with profuse haematemesis, which was arrested, but left him so

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My Dear Sir : — You are requested to call a meeting of your class

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Hospital, Philadelphia; Consulting Pediatrist to the

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Antitoxin and the various curative sera are in that the serum never comes in even

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The bowels were costive, the pulse small, the heart's

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some slight speech disturbance. A condition known as epileptic autoinati>rii

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circumstance that neuralgia occasionally continues after the remoiiil

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the four tenement house bills, thus putting on a firm footing

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subject : — " I have only seen cases of the disease in


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'ATTiKoi appUed only to the females of Greece." —

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effect. By Lipmann's method it was easy to provoke definite visual hallu-

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surgical communication. There was a peculiar predisposition

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characterized only by the lack of ossification. Periosteal changes are not

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those in which the impaction is absent; that the lack-

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operation has been performed on purely theoretical grounds.

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along the sides of the trunk, as in the bats. The trunk of birds is

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ache promptly vanished. This case seemed to me very impor-

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turbance of the circulation, and, as has been indicated, frequently ushers in

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and carefully nourished, and especially kept clear of all risk

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our remarks in calling attention to old yet new germicides.

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provisions of law which apply to independent districts.

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such phenomena as result from stimulation of the vagi and sympathe-

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gave them fresh air ; we filled them with tonics and

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should be, having a stinking reservoir for filth at every street corner,

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invention of eyeglasses and telescope. Albertus Magnus (1206-1280), who made all knowledge

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1. Two cc. antigen dilution 4- 1 cc. sheep's blood-cell amboceptor dilution + 1

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Ann. niEd.-psyebol., Par,, 1899, 8. s., ix, 76-81. .

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theories of all the colleges, for one hundred. We have no personal expe-

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this static were as follows: 1024', 100', 101 i% 102%

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tlie patient; but before applying it we must use the pre-

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the Usefulness of tlie Whole Profession. By N. S. Davis, jM. D., Professor of


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