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The patient was addicted to alcohol, and gave a history

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lymphatic vessels, and especially of the lymphatic spaces in which they

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passes through the wards and immense halls of La Sal-

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to make it inadvantageous to detach these, but make it wise to pro-

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kTww that carbolic acid — an eminently irritant substance —

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removed. The tumor was about one-half by two inches

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cure, and I am quite positive, if you would impress upon men

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locating in this state to pass an examination before this board, or to

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the roots into their composition ; and li^ht, it is well known, is essen-

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marked; signs indicating compression of the lung itself more prominent.

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In a short paper like the present, it is not possible to do

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— - e :ri - '.=r use of Stanolind Liquid Paraffin in the later months

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other organizations which were antagonistic with our ideas.

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fibrinous deposit occurring with immense rapidity ; and

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case as one of sciatica, and that he had not attended the

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lected in the statistical document the speaker had be-

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able moment, but all of a tuberculous nature bespeak a lessened resist-

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largely influence the direction of affairs of the department

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in associations which seek to wield political influence ;

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paper on the ** Different Physiological and Therapeuti-

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lection of thickened mucus in the regions of the orifices of

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titis of the right upper jaw with phlegmon of the temporal

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is followed at a later period by yellowness. From first to last

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and those which involve its posterior third. In the former case there is no

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difficult by extensive cicatrisation and by the atrophy of the distal end.

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Even that professional plaything the sphygmograph, a costly

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ing only the liver to be separated. This he accomplished

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unanimously voted to extend to the American Institute of Homoeo-

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table, for loaded stomachs disturb clearness of thought, precision of sensation,

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help, and was assisted to a chair. Urgent dyspnoea existed, and aerated serum

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" We raisfe our glasses with emotion, for we are honour-


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