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by general discussion of the subjects treated. Among
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prejudges nothing as to the seat of the malady. Thus far, then, we find
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eral profession of New York had been much agitated in consequence of
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During these twelve days this patient took the equivalent
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most fitting head of the university — to resume it under the
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The last chapter of this invaluable work sums up his admirable
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more quiet, and the diarrhoea nearly controlled. The patient was left
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advanced state of dentition. The infant ought to be suckled till
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or when they are designed for " home-fed pork." Now, if it pays
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should be exclusively employed in handling some one material they would
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organs, now asserts that he does not find microbes in the
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of sanitary regulations. This code among other regulations
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movements and intention tremors occur in debilitated conditions ; and in
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spasmodic, being excited by the passage of faeces along the rectum, and
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The principal hone of this region (tibia) lying superficially
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Brighton — Sussex County Hosi)ital, 190 beds, £21 for two years.
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Traditional medicine saw the surging of the new error, heard the
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patient, andiearing the possible consequences of too great irritation, sometimes either renounces
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Preventive medicine has come to be an important branch of study in the
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lighted and ventilated. The anatomical lectures are held in one of
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chassis was sent off, whilst the hood was mounted on four wheels
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means "venous," — a usage we find in his pages, and for which we doubt
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precipitated by the addition of alcohol. A sample of the sarco-
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(a combination of forms 1 and 2). The means of diagnosis of these forms
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to the burns, and still further increasing the blackened aspect of
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little oozing. The cyst wall, yellowish gray in color
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add to the other ingredients. Grate nutmeg on the top and
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acute rheumatism, prompt results were attained by the
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of the sophisticated articles. From 1850 to 1856 he examined no
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to the citizens by himself and a fellow in grand and good works,
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Kiich, therefore, made the apparatus with quartz instead of glass ;
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to pass as sane until long after their arrival : to marry
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AcQUiEED Syphilis. — Syphilis may be transmitted to Nurse by
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almost unlimited. As demonstrator of anatomy in the excellent school in Wind-
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have given way, and the horse be apparently better. This,
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which have the diarrhea by themselves, and use Nos. 2,
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endeared him to many more than those who could appre-
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is by Popoff, of St. Petersburg, and is very complete.
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practice. He had never had anything resembling a primary
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a composite, the outline and the three coarse fibers being drawn from one prep-
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in certain schools of the system next year. The children in


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