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who was once asked by a certain lady an apparently simple question in science.

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orrhoea " (Muench. Medicin. Wochensch., Vol. XLV, page 359),

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Great injustice would be done unless some rule were adopted regarding the

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had from 12 to 14 exposures to the X ray at intervals of two

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think the case worthy of relation (although I do not know it to be

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might not be obtainable in a public institution. I assume that such cases

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Loured recently coagulated Lymph, one-eighth of an inch thick, and about

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thoracic, and retropharyngeal abscesses have been noted. Lesions

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cal incompatibility is that the solvent power of a men-

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hand immovable, thrust the point through the skin into

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sertion of the degenerated muscle; then on closure of the current a

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The same experimenter, also, found that the capability of

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for three successive counts the wound is considered sterile and may be

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Just before death, the temperature generally fell to

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bation. We may conclude, therefore, that the presence of an organism

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urine of which he examined samples, as .87 grammes,

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in referring to the various suture materials used for closing

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Lecture delivered every Saturday by one of the Professors, at

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