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their labor. It strikes us, after a patient examination, that no practitioner
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opening. Next day there was swelling and fluctuation in the region of
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successful in affairs, and who have l>een accustomed to free and gen-
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period. If we accept Rindfleisch's demonstration, that the formation
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again, keeping it protruded until forced to return it. The urine is
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therefore laid i^:side, and their place supplied by those of India
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an increase in numbers. The recent work of Sabin, 1 upon the development
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ing must be made by drainage tubes or otherwise. Deeply
form of spirits, either whisky or brandy. Champagne may be used if
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course) jutted beyond the limits of the skin and peri-
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the external condyle, exposed the joint most perfectly.
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by this method of inquiry, the following may be cited : —
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Adonis — and Paris, carrying Helen in the flower of her beauty I And so
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attached flagellum 15 /x long. Sporogony in Hemiclepsis.
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ichthyol, 2 per cent. This drug seems to have a certain sedative
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Mason, Edwin Willard, 213 W. 79th St., New York, New York Co.
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dusty water, or solution of decaying material, we can fre-
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MS. V., fol. 63 c, is “ a very neat representation of Epime-
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larial fever Brooklyn 2, New York, Philadelphia and Nashville
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By direction of the Secretary of War, leave of absence for
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case. Several other similar cases have been reported in


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