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within a building for a distance of not less than five

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cialty for its own sake and not prosecute it tempor

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coryza or influenza or as she expresses it catches cold she pre

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thing. Blenheim however makes the wise and pertinent

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both thyroid glands characterized by the formation of cysts

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Under Laws of most States the physician is exempted

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of the blood. If the blood can not be examined immediately it is

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reinforces natural processes never supersedes them.

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the experiments of Anstie and of WoUowicz and Parkes who

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BLISTERING OINTMENTS. The Spanish flies should be finely

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double plus Wassermann but it is a big question whether the

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which depend upon the presence of a definite organism

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This is a third term for Dr. Gresswell he having been appointed

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fact that a rabid animal is capable of communicating a morbid poison

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Black Uric acid in grammes Red Phosphoric Acid in grammes

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Intestines contained serai fluid fgeces. Uterus inches long


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