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The passage of this little instrument like the dismissal of a

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most malignant cases recover under its use. But some I observed

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cornea renders the prognosis grave, and the more so the earlier

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lishes in full detail the history of a case which he believes to be without an

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tion would permit the classification of the distemper into types,

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treatment of these eye troubles consists in the proper treat-

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positive certainty of blindness on the one hand, and of the

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retina, and in addition there were numerous leucocytes, with several

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are glad to have you with us, glad to see your faces, thrice glad to wel-

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duplication of effort, leverage strengths, and better address weaknesses:

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A fully equipped ambulance, subscribed for by the people of

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We have before us the fourth volume of Stimson's " Opera-

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Malta fever tends to show a bronchial involvement about the

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ing of fresh bile into the peritoneal cavity. Gallons of tluid

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substance used. Thus, at 15°C.,J;he olfactor of cedar-wood has

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blood, is that which occurs in acute inflammations, and is termed

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the other, and every discovery an added fact for b(»th. My

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Horse-Serum by the Female Guinea-Pig to Eer Young, Jour. Med. Research, 1906,

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At the preliminary e.xamination in Arts, held on January 25

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As to the bacteria found in bacteriuria, the colon bacillus is met with in

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The appended tables show the cases from which cultures were

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Trusting that you will continue your efforts 10 relieve your

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G. M. Corput, to determine their fitness for promotion to the grade of

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a sharp-tailed form, also very minute, and resembling mf. de-

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eral infection had its source in some degenerate gland

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young children, and few infants can be said to escape it altogether. A trifling

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If, then, we watch the natural progress of inflammation in any of

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pulsation, when it is visible, is of course readily felt on palpation ; but in

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titioners. By Dr. W. D'Este Emery. 8vo., 216 pages.

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she had recourse to various stimulants, at first in comparative

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sweat, and if the administration of acids is prolonged for

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