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was introduced into a large glass-stoppered flagon. The blood

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Any one conversant with the ways of legislators knows

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probably, the next best method for procuring relief.

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death after eating, he (the coroner) thought the man might have been choked.

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The woorara may without danger be ingested into the digestive canal, but if

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have any of these very severe and frightful forma of pneumonia that are writ-

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of studies shall include four winter sessions of six months

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serves to explain the phenomena of intermittents only, and cannot be

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P'xamine the character of the discharges in every case to

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there. The third case shows the disastrous local results of

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I might here briefly discuss two points of the operative procedure.

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evince the gratitude with which they desired to place

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investment in instrumentation, will be required if this Service is ever to

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physician has reason to suppose are specially liable

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the gut. He had used the aspirator before operating, and there was

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