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of the duct with this swelling was a ragged opening,

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Deutschlands (Koln/Graz, 1969) 2: 393, "Polizei und Landesordnugen."

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able assistance to the conservation of vision in the

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name of one of their doctors who has a certificate of registration, as

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process, but not so the ■\vell-conditioned class, and more espe-

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turbance, general weakness and bronchial catarrh. During this time

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precocious infection could start up an acute inflam-

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Held ai N€uhville^ Tenn.^ May 20, 21, 22, and 23, 1890.

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portions coloured with the intervening or middle portion uncoloured. The

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nutrition of the parts supplied by the affected nerve, are not unfre-

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Having brought the fragments into apposition, I at once

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betes mellitus, obstinate chlorosis, or tertiary syphilis, ultimately die

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similar to case No. 1. The same treatment was adopted; but

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separation between the old and new food, and a peculiar central or

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and paraffin, 4 parts. Plain gauze, sterilized by baking at a

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other nerve, there is no longer a sense of the condition of the muscle, and therefore, no regulation of its activity.**

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general or local, and contrasted well with the former

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established himself at his house in Coleman Street, in the me-

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Note the ciliary and pupillary reflexes from time to

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disdainful, and totally changed in disposition shortly be-

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After exposure to the air the color of both assumed a slightly reddish tinge.

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as it is rarely found in this part of the country. The child had swal-

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and differently defined. Thus typhoid fever is said to prevail in Bos-

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means of the X-ray. Med. Eec, N. Y.. 1897, li, 694-690.—

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inodorous gas. The cavity contained five or six ounces of nearly pure blood,

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" The difference between a good physician and a bad one is certainly very great ;

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following as the characteristic tripos of the sympto-

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(subjected to the pressure of the shrinking field of the

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but the only readily available diagnostic proof is the presence

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digestion. Aspirin* in 5- or 10- grain (0.325 or 0.650 Gm.)

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53. Schmidt. — Extracti(»n of a Foreign Body from the Trachea from

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is the relative frequency of the occurrence of each ? What are the laws of

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port of some rare forms. Am. J. Insan., Chicago, 1897-8,

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and assist in the same way, continuing this until the after-birth

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skill and resource of an operator ; cases which in former

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In the diagnosis between scrofulous and primary can-

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yellowish areas, the latter being softened and edematous. The blood supply

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dried film of blood may then be treated with glacial acetic acid or may

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they traverse the narrow capillary territory in which the degenerative

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but intense congestion of the bone and lining membrane

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Boston, June 13, lti^i5. ' June 34— tN 1, WALTER C H A N N I NG, />ecii.


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