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invaded and cleared of glands and fat (of which there was a quantity)
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g. The urea per hour varied from 0.50 to 1.50, with an average of
termine the nature of the disease, and, if possible,
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ease manifestations is soon developed, while in cases due to
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to 12 medical societies with the same avowed goals and
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thus similar in quantity and quality, it is impossible for agreeable sen-
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duce plants having the maximum medicinal constituents. Fourth, to show what
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pubis, it was the separation of two parallel lines ^
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point pressure across the radius, an inch above the wrist.
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swelling, itching, and in fact erysipelas, which lasted for some
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Doubtless the medical history of this is similar to that of most
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dusts have already been referred to, such as those of lead, arsenic,
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period, and the danger of postponing education till the
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lil EI). MED. f)!)"— NEW 8BR.— VOL. XVll.— III.
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commonly called touch-paper, in connection with fireworks, may explain
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Hasheesh poisoning. — The action of Indian hemp is upon the brain,
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monary diseases, 19; administration of gaseous enemata, Osier, W.,
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lation. Perhaps more importantly, the data suggest that those
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that recognition. Two Italian microscopists, Filippi
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caught a deer, and he tied the animal's external carotid artery
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first, and then injected, through the same needle, adrenalin into the
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after the unpleasant effects immediately consequent upon the
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was described, but this may have been a coincidence. Examinations of
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half of the sixteenth century, the thirteen-hundred year repose
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The symptoms of injury to the urethra are definite though varying
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exists that cases reacting favorably to intraspinal injections of horse
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In addition to the cases which I have now related, and two to be reported hereafter,
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10 c.c. of air and the patient turned on the left side. Although
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* I do not mean to pay the abnve condition is common in o'.ir
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sometimes scaly. They are caused by faulty digestion,
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blacksmith of their means of livelihood. [The universities of Har-
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into several more or less pyramidal pieces. There is nothing
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asthma as the true cause of the dyspnea. The agglutinating power
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one, though in a different sense from that in which it was at first un-
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