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Mines, S.: If we understand sports injuries, we can prevent them. Modem

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sequel, however, to that case has not been previously published.

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Cristispira and Saprospira, — For a limited variety of coarse, ac-

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on the same evening read a paper before the Essex County Medical

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shorn of the verbosity and diffuse repetition which encumber the

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not far to seek if we but remember the known etiology of this type of

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ments were normal, there was steady loss of weight. The autopsy

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The method of extraction of the nerve, exseresis, at first

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bodies having a central yellow nucleus. They occur chiefly in small

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and prepared and offered it for sale to others. In the

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time which shall be spent by the student, before he

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sician to the Eoyal Victoria Hospital since its foundation;

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English manners, in inculcating gentleness and modesty,

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The conclusive judgment " good " can only be given when he

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ules. This superficial inflammation is of course much less severe in

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making these reports is primarily placed on the practicing phy-

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able to do so, I do not see what benefit could be derived

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3, but in those from pig No. 2 they were exceedingly abundant. (See

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fantile state, undeveloped, and not acting ; while in others the Tault consisted

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and Limerick — the Giant's Causeway, the Lakes of Killarney,

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tude is usually much more marked than in the other.

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bility; while Broussais makes them all primitively local, and only

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in connection with the propriety of surgical interference

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hepatic region (Phila. Med. Times, No. 345, p. 320).

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for the medical school the recent gift of $50,000, and also to Dr. Linds-

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Mercury, on the action of. By Robert Farqnharson, M.D ^ 128

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he had felt the pelvic bones " move upon each other," pro-

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a woman surrendered the control of her property to her husband, in case of

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tion, and when I lift her arm it goes down as an absolutely dead

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To my mind one of the most deplorable and moving sights in Chris-

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