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rapid and fatal character, often preceding and accompanying the glandular plague^ which
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proved, almost none got perfectly well, and a few died. In some of the
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purities are chiefly excluded downwards into the water
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mer, Autumn and Winter — is to most of us but an ultramontane
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spinous, can be reduced by using traction to stretch the
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particularly to emphasize to you is that that sort of training and
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and two developed gastric ulcers. The results of the
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nated ovum within that portion of the tubal canal seated within the mus-
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stant form of sensory anaesthesia was a limitation of the
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Typhoid: Complications, Percentag-e of Perforations,
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large doses it proves emetic, and actively cathartic.
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about tsventy-five months after the original injury.
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zontal plate is thicker, concave below, marked with concentric lines
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upon me to make out, even the probability of this supposition, the bare pos-
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of the kidneys. He did not theorize at all upon the mode of
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Forcible dilatation of the sphincter muscles of the rectum
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tation in recommending a gastio-enterostomy to be per-
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(^iven instead of the Lacto-Phosphates, as the Syrups of the Phosphat^ or
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remarkable oedema. Where they abounded greatly, where they
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of mortality statistics should not be neglected ; for
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of granulations above and around the canula, narrowing- or completely oblite-
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John Chalmers DaCosta, M.D. . Clinical Professor of Surgery. Jefferson Medical College, Phila-
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2413. This affection is at first perhaps seated in the liver it-
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may often be checked by gallic acid, or by the mineral
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Scotland — 125, George St., Edinburgh. Sec. , G. Falconar Stewart, Esq.


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