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favorable to the transmission of specimens, which may always be
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During the last month of life this prominence increased rapidly in size,
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xxviii, 81-110. — Discussion on typhoid fever. Tr. N.
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nett, M. D., Ophthalmology and Otology (clinical) ; Ethel-
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sults ? All these gentlemen say they preceded extir-
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never met with ulcers of the trachea; but in the 20
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and Cps Atterbury, Branding, Chaffee, Croft, Howze,
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On the third day his tongue was thickly coated; urine scanty and high-
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ca'.ions, should authenticate them with their names — of course^
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the Presidency of the Section on Municipal Health Service.
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making his savage, sturdy passage through the brambles
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completely out of hand. If your medical assistant needs
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the arm, a longitudinal incision, which was, when rllcessa-
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by electrical excitation is still in its infancy, and an electro-
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further growth are possible, however, only when there is more than
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for the anlema in some cases in which it is either limiti^l to, or is mneh
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a few seconds to two or three minutes. The patient could also be
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purpose. Various non-irritating lotions are recommended : a warm salt
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to dangerous hfemorrhage. In case the abscess presses dan-
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DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Dosage should be adjusted according to the severity of the pain and the
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This is a wise and necessary provision. Had not this indepen-
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why the lesion should have picked out the stereognostic sense and left the
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come on quietly from extreme exhaustion and anaemia, or may be precipi-
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eighteen months, 1 have been kept riding a great deal of the time, night
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good as, if not better than, toxin as a stimulant for the
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sufficiently to proceed with intra-articular manipulations.
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know about such laws or utilize them. The point is that society does
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tion, revised and enlarged. Philadelphia, New York, London : W. B.
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Complete removal of the sac and the use of the rectus muscle in
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bacilli in twenty-four, virulent characteristic diphtheria bacilli in eight,
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cian as an example. lie has finished his week's work, and
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varying from 40 to tX) per minute in adults, and in children from tiO to 90 or
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marks to disease of the myocardium. We all know who have
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successful is to saturate cotton waste the size of an orange with carbon
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bronchitis, especially if the attacks are frequent, clouds the prognosis.
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Since marriage has been so abused and it has become
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laxatives should be administered ; and thus repeated in mode-
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and otherwise, the practitioner estimates, as he has done from
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turn them over to the registrar for safe keeping. An attendant from


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