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kenditll delivered the charge to the class, and president Willis

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leads to permanent baldness of the parts most affected — the vertex and

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having lived on fhore eight or nine months ; during which

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cur. There are few acute diseases for which so many " specifics " have at

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action and absorption ; remote causes, history, and effects ; treatment 460 — 473

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Jaundice or Hepatic Dysfunction: On rare occasions, labetalol HCI has been associated with

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in which my memory does not now serve me, is of small

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A typical follicular variety is not commonly observed, pos-

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the time at which this raising of the minimum blood-pressure commences,

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the disease in its various phases, yet there is much evidence

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sues are raised above the patella. When the joint is

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Lieberkuiin, Johann Nath,, German physician and natu-

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and women more than men. The t\'pe of the disease seems to exert less

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tenderness R. parietal ; 3 wks. after haziness of edges of disks, with filling of central cnp, but

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to be an early symptom of general paralysis in cases where knee-jerk was

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what relieved the jjain, though for a short time. The

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discussion of any sort. So far as the local board could accom-

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length, the author showing a thorough familiarity with all the recent

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will become our understanding of the relation between tuberculosis and the

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of the material under investigation. After a time irregularity of the

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with reference to other diseases. Thus, in scarlatina, if you happen to


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