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exposed early and its omental contents ligated off at this point,
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the skin and bowels, calomel restored the healthy secretions,
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trary presents pronounced atrophy. The peritoneum is
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everything into its mouth ; enlargement of the glands in the groin or arm-
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normally obtained from the catabolism of the tissues, and
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cine, Boston, in 1891, died at his home on April 4,
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189^ ii 84-88, port. Also: Medycyua, Warszawa, 1891-2,
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seen so many of these cases in a comparatively short time.
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situated in tbe centre of populous districts. Anderston,
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and its Progress," the lirst number of which is announced for
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tion and removal of the limestone by the passing water. Limestone
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The transfusion of milk was first successfully accomplished
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age of the polymorphonuclear cells was diminished, while that of
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directly to anything contained in the serum, but rather
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in most instances of dislocation this actually occurs.
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sufficient to confine her to bed until her usual bed-
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FIG. I. Antibody production. The drug or a metabolite must bind with a protein to
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tival wound, and three sutures (instead of the more
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pitals. On being analyzed by M. Bouchardat it was found to contain a
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His breadth and thickness being in proportion to his
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the first cervical ganglion, namely, by inflammation of the eye. The peculiarity of the organic nerves, namely, the
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noticed. It is conservatively estimated that one-half of all cases are
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lence, and after a long period commenced in Malahide district, in a mild
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The medullary infiltration may terminate in resolution or in ulceration.
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ences we have had iu the city of Toronto with regard to the
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eases frequently abridged in duration or mitigated in severity,
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bath, where there are proper establishments, and where care can be given to
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lections frequently found as chiefly due to the disintegration of hemor-
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injection, which is quite simple when you have found
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upon cases of every grade of severity. In 31 the diagnosis was con-
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extended to Dr. Morse for his valuable paper, and a copy requested for
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•S000 Country Practice in a growing: Central Massachusetts town. Fine


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